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We are a business group based in The Bahamas, offering our products and services throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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We offer a wide variety of divisions. To consult the divisions you want, please contact our group of professionals. They will gladly assist you.

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Our shareholders, executives, managers, and employees are recognized members of our community, equipped with the resources, education, and experience necessary for outstanding performance in their roles. They are part of the same team, sharing a strong sense of belonging and engaging in continuous exchange to build a creative work environment where learning, collaboration, and ongoing development prevail. At JHM, its performance and success are the responsibility of all.


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    Bahamas, New Providence, Nassau, One West Plaza, SP - 64287

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    BAH +1 242 468 6597
    USA +1 786 753 7698
    ESP +34 605 69 63 23

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